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Countess of Carnarvon, Downton Abbey, (Highclere Castle), Seasons at Highclere

Jane Churchill and Emily Astor, Cliveden, Entertaining in Style

OTM Bookshelf Update

We'e been working diligently to review all the entries in our Bookshelf.  We hope you'll find the resulting recommendations are specially relevant to Listeners who share OTM's facscination with all thingd to do with Food EWine and Travel aAdventures - whether eating out, or working in  your own Kitchen.  And each Volume we suggest has a one--click link to Amazon making it easy to order a copy, at Amazon's highly competiitive price.

Exciting News for Pittsburgh's Dish Lovers

We're delighted to report that The Savoia Family have decided to reopen their much-beloved Dish Osteria on the City's South Side.  We'll bring you futher details when they get closer to the actual reopening date and other details.  Michele and Family from all Your Many Fans, "Grazie Molto".


Our NEW Website

OTM goes live with a New Mobile Friendly Website.  We've been working on this literally for Months.  We hope you will enjoy the new format.  One Click will let you tell us what you think of our New Appearance by Email or Tweet

MIchter's Barrel Strength Rye coming in April

Ever since we heard the story of how Joe Magliocco bought what little was left of MIchter's, we've followed the story of how this American Icon has reclaimed its former reputation.  The latest from Joe and his "dynamic duo", Master Distiller Pamela Heimann and Master of Maturation Andrea Wilson, is Barrel Strength US*1 Straight Rye.  Average Proof of this "Elixir"  is estimated at 110.8 Proof.  Congratulations to Joe and his Team - every step of Michter's revival is a dream come true.

Carme Ruscalleda Celebrates 30 years at Sant Pau

When Michelin awarded Chef Carme Ruscalleda 3 Stars a few short years ago many said who?  She joined select company, being the only female chef in Spain with a 3-Star rating, one of only 5 women worldwide (she was actually the 4th, Sophie Pic subsequently became the 5th).  Simple but elegant best describes the room and the cuisine at Restaurant Sant Pau in Sant Pol de Mar, 45 km. from Barcelona, where Carme heads a kitchen with picture windows looking out into the garden, and her husband Tony Balam runs front of house.  Chef talked passionately to OTM about her career and her food.  This interview is in Spanish, for a version with English translation go to OTM Audio Archives, program date August 6, 2006. The most recent last July.

Food Scientist Herve This may revolutionize what we Eat

Director of a unique Gastronomic program in Paris, France, Herve This has inspired and collaborated with some of the world's Great Chefs, such as Hseton Blumenthal and Pierre Gagnaire.  But his work is much more than the "whimsy" of Molecular Gastronomy.  Dr. This challenges all of our predispositions about food, exporing new ways to create nutrition for the Planet Earth.  OTM visited his Paris Laboratory to record his fascinating achievements & ideas.

Charlie Trotter - Not just a Chef, a Food Philosopher

It took a long tiome for OTM to catch up with Charlie, renowned for his delicate, decorative, imaginative food.  When we did we were astonished by his thoughfulness about the world of fine dining, as you will be.  If OTM can catch up with him again, we'll bring you another instalment!

Le Bernadin's Continued Acclaim is not Fluke!

Chef-Partner Eric Ripert's On the Line provides a unique and detailed insight into "how they do it", how Le Bernadin stays atop so many NYC diner's list of favorites.  (Almost) all seafood, classic French technique, etc. seems like an unusual recipe for success, when so many gourmets pursue the latest fad.  The secret is in attention to detail, every little detail, and of course complete dedication to delighting every customer.  Eric even talks about the future, for himself and Le B. 

Dr. Sandro Boscaini explains Masi, Amarone & More

OTM spent most of a day with Dottore Sandro Boscaini, current head of Masi which has been making wine "the Amarone way" for CENTURIES.  Many think about France as having the longest tradition in wine-making.  But how about making wine the way the ancient Romans did?  Drying grapes before fermenting their juice goes back 2 millenniums. Our interview ranges from the history of wine-making in the Valpolicella region to how Masi continues to improve their wine-making practices, and add to their product portfolio.